Annual General Meeting 25th October

Last night we held our Annual General Meeting for the first time in our Learning and Events Space. A very big thank you to all those who attended. It was a very successful meeting with entertainment, speeches, children’s competition and a raffle. Thank you to the speakers and the guests for your support. A big thank you to Anne McLaughlin MP for the speech and helping us with the children’s competition. Thank you to our nursery children for the wonderful pictures. We look forward to a fantastic year ahead with many more events, courses and programmes.

Carnival Day

The summer programme at Rosemount Lifelong Learning was a success! The last day of the programme we held a carnival day. We had games such as hook the duck, mini bowling, hoop shoot and many more. A very big thank you to Greggs, Warburtons and Glasgow Ryze who provided several donations.

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Waffle Day

Our waffle day was a great success! The kids loved designing a waffle with all the syrups and toppings. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did! Make sure you keep an eye on our website to know what the next event is in the summer programme.

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Strawberry Tea Party for Breast Cancer Care

Yesterday at Rosemount Events and Learning space we held a Strawberry Tea Party to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. It was a success, we had plenty of donated cakes and lunch, games, nails by Johan and much more. We raised £56 for the Breast Cancer Care! What a lovely afternoon. We would like to thank all of those who donated and attended the event. If you didn’t manage to pop in this time we hope you can make the next event we have.




Staff training at Rosemount Lifelong Learning

Rosemount is a great venue for training delivery, easy to find, easy to park and extremely helpful staff. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to the next time.-

On Tuesday 5 April Gary Bedingfield Training came to Rosemount to run their Train the Trainer course. Six participants from across Scotland came along to learn more about how to facilitate and prepare training across different sectors. Some participants had a lot of experience delivering training and others were brand-new to the field.

This staff training course is the first to be held at Rosemount Lifelong Learning but it will not be the last. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the opportunities.


  • Do you need a new, modern, fully-equipped space to deliver training?
  • Do you need any specific training for you, your colleagues and/or employees?

Contact us at 0141 553 0808 or email to get help!




I really liked that it was a small class. It was a good, safe environment to learn.






A very successful Train the Trainer course at Rosemount. Six candidates who were full of enthusiasm is always a good place to start. Seven hours were gone before we knew it.

Time for a Change ready for another year

The 8 week programme Time for a Change is ready for another year. The next programme will start on 28th April and we are now signing people up.

Last month Rosemount Lifelong Learning was pleased to welcome the Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess at the Learning and Events Space when she announced the 2016/17 funding from the People and Communities Fund. We were thrilled to receive another round of funding for our Time for a Change programme.



Housing and Welfare Minister Margaret Burgess visiting us at Rosemount Lifelong Learning


What is Time for a Change?

Time for a Change is something new for you. Our free 8 week programme provides a wide range of teaching and support.

We let you focus on:

  • Building your digital skills
  • Managing your money
  • Healthy cooking & living
  • Goals and aspirations
  • Achieving a qualification

There will also be an opportunity to get one-to-one guidance and support.

If you need childcare, please talk to us. We provide a daily allowance for lunch and transport.

There are still spaces on the next Time for a Change programme starting 28th April 2016. If you’re interested in learning more please call Carol on 0141 553 0808.


Cooking class at the last Time for a Change programme from January to March 2016


Teaching by Glasgow Kelvin College


Working on digital skills in Rosemount’s IT Suite

Current vacancies

Current vacancies

Rosemount Lifelong Learning is a charity based in Royston, Glasgow. Our mission is to increase life chances through learning for children, young people and adults living in Royston and wider North (North East & North West) Glasgow area. Our services encourage participants, from children to adults to raise aspirations, develop confidence and life skills and ensure that their progression routes are sustainable.

We are seeking to recruit 4 new team members to support the delivery of our new Positive Family Futures programme – an innovative project that provides an opportunity to join up a range of services for families and individuals within them living in the NE Glasgow communities. The aim of the project is to encourage participants to make positive changes within their own lives and become co-producers of the services.

 We are looking for 2 Family Engagement Workers who will work with local families and individuals to empower them to develop activities in line with their own interests and needs.

We are looking for a Manager for the Positive Futures programme to lead the project and support staff members.

We are also looking for a Volunteer Support Worker who will establish and support a service user involvement group as well as identifying and encouraging individuals to take up relevant volunteering opportunities.

These posts are funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

Closing date:              Friday 28th October 2016

Interview date:          Week beginning 31st October 2016

To apply for the posts, please complete our application form and equal opportunities form (no CVs please) and send it to

Family Engagement Worker Job Description

Manager Positive Family Futures Job Description

Application Form

Equal Opportunities Form

hi_big_e_lrg_blue-2 Rosemount Logo

Rosemount Lifelong Learning is committed to equality and diversity and welcomes applications from under-represented groups.

Rosemount Lifelong Learning is a registered Scottish charity, no. SCO28909.

International Women’s Day at Rosemount

International Women’s Day first became an annual event in the beginning of the 20th Century. Originally tied to political rallies, it is now a day of focus on women, a day to discuss equality and a day to celebrate how far we have come.

For International Women’s Day this year Rosemount Lifelong Learning has produced a resource for the women of North East Glasgow featuring articles about local women and a list of services available. To celebrate the day and publication of the magazine we held an event on the day, Tuesday 8th March.

The tables were set for lunch with black table cloths and balloons in the suffragette colours of purple, green and white – all courtesy of LBS Exclusive Events. The hearty, homey smell of soup filled the room, while Karen Scott from North Glasgow Community Food Initiative was rushing around to help set up the buffet. Both the soup and Karen’s beetroot chocolate cake and carrot cake were popular additions to the lunch and it did not last long before it was all gone.

The event started with the lunch and not long after we opened our doors the Learning & Events Space was full. Johan from Alice’s Beauty Haven and Saima Beauty Therapist offered massage, nails and threading for the women who came along. Glasgow Life, Royston Library and Glasgow Clubs also joined the event and provided information and signed people up for a library card and Glasgow Club’s gyms.

Women from all backgrounds and nationalities came to celebrate and after lunch the room was set up for family activities in the afternoon after the children were out of school. Kids from Royston’s nurseries, Royston Primary and St Roch’s Primary did arts and crafts, had their face painted and participated in a drawing contest for the chance to win a book prize or chocolate from Tunnock’s.

Thank you to everyone who came along and helped make this event a success!


New magazine! Information for women in North East Glasgow

For International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8th March Rosemount celebrated the publication of a new magazine with information for women in North East Glasgow.

Pick up a printed copy from us at 102 Royston Road, Glasgow G21 2NU or read the electronic copy here.

Tips for getting into adult learning

Getting back into learning as an adult doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. A lot of people have bad memories of school and have, unfortunately, finished school thinking that was the only way to learn. “Learning isn’t for me” should never be something you think because of past experiences. Learning is for everyone – all ages, abilities, gender, nationalities and interests.

We have years of experience with learning for all ages and we know it can often be a challenge for adult learners to get back into it – no matter how much they want to. Therefore we have used the experiences of everyone from our literacy tutors to the community services manager to bring you


10 tips for getting into adult learning


1. Find out what’s on offer and what is free

First thing’s first – find out what opportunities are available in your area. Remember that a lot of courses are available for free so you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn something new. ILA funding is sometimes available to cover costs of short courses. Find out more about ILA here.


2. Ask questions, research your options

Don’t be afraid to call or message to ask questions so you know more about the course you are interested in doing. There is a higher risk of dropping out if you don’t have enough information about the course and then find it wasn’t what you were expecting. You want your way back into learning to be a success so help yourself make sure it is.


3. Find a subject you’re interested in

It is always easier to get into something if you find it interesting. Don’t give yourself an extra challenge by choosing a subject you’re not really interested in.


4. Give yourself time to get started

Pick a short course to let yourself try it out and build your confidence with learning. If it’s an ongoing course try to commit yourself to six weeks to start. Don’t give up after two weeks if you are unsure – stay with it and don’t allow a fear of new information to stop you.


5. Adult learning is not like school!

Expect to be treated like an adult. You might have had some bad experiences in school but adult learning is nothing like it. Adult learning is very different and takes place in a completely different environment. You will be treated like an adult and an equal. You have just as much of a right to be in the class as anyone else there.


6. You are doing it for you

No one is going to make you come to class and ultimately, it is your decision to get involved with learning. However, everyone wants to do well and get something out of coming to class and you will soon find that your fellow learners will encourage you to keep going – help them by doing the same!


7. Be brave!

Picking up the phone to ask questions about the course and stepping through the door for the first time are always the hardest things. It is natural to feel a bit anxious and nervous – but be brave and do it. You’ll thank yourself for it.


8. Ask for homework and information

Don’t be afraid to ask for some homework or information to read about the subject between classes to keep it fresh in your head and stay motivated.


9. Enjoy it

Learning is about more than just learning – it is a social experience as well. You will meet new people and make new friends. Enjoy it!


10. Look for the next thing…

Before your first subject/class/course comes to an end start looking for other classes in your area. By now you will have realised you can do it. Maybe you want to try something in another subject, something more in depth or maybe even a qualification?