Positive Family Futures

Who are we?

Positive Family Futures is a new project that encourages people to make positive changes within their own lives and the lives of others by coming together to share experiences and skills.

The project is guided by a steering group made up of local people. Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in this group.

What can we offer?

We respond to the needs of the community. We support local people by providing advice, information and assistance to take part in activities in the community, as well as start-up, deliver and continue to run activities.

We provide support to volunteer both within and outwith the project.

Currently we offer:
•A range of courses and workshops
•A range of social and family activities
•School holiday family activities

Please check our website, Facebook and Twitter sites for the most up to date information.

Who can benefit from our service?

Open to everyone in the local community.

How to get in touch?

Call us on 0141 553 0808 to speak to Margaret or Jenna or drop into our Learning and Events Centre at 102 Royston Road, Royston, G21 2NU.

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