Family Links Service

The Family Links service provides a support for children, young people and families living in the North East of Glasgow who have been affected by substance abuse or alcohol misuse.

Family Links provides support for families based around their individual needs.


For children affected by parental drug or alcohol misuse we can offer:

  • One-to-one work on issues with confidence, feelings and behaviour
  • Issue-based group work
  • A Holiday Programme

For parents we offer:

  • One-to-one support, group work
  • The Addiction Recovery Support Women’s Group
  • Specifically adapted one-to-one parenting programmes


Social work teams, the North Glasgow Community Addiction Team, Family Support groups, Health Visitors and GPs can make a referral to the Family Links Team. Parents can also self-refer.

Call us on 0141 553 0808 to speak to a member of the team.


Photo from Family Links’ event for Children in Need 2015. Read more about it here.