International Women’s Day at Rosemount

International Women’s Day first became an annual event in the beginning of the 20th Century. Originally tied to political rallies, it is now a day of focus on women, a day to discuss equality and a day to celebrate how far we have come.

For International Women’s Day this year Rosemount Lifelong Learning has produced a resource for the women of North East Glasgow featuring articles about local women and a list of services available. To celebrate the day and publication of the magazine we held an event on the day, Tuesday 8th March.

The tables were set for lunch with black table cloths and balloons in the suffragette colours of purple, green and white – all courtesy of LBS Exclusive Events. The hearty, homey smell of soup filled the room, while Karen Scott from North Glasgow Community Food Initiative was rushing around to help set up the buffet. Both the soup and Karen’s beetroot chocolate cake and carrot cake were popular additions to the lunch and it did not last long before it was all gone.

The event started with the lunch and not long after we opened our doors the Learning & Events Space was full. Johan from Alice’s Beauty Haven and Saima Beauty Therapist offered massage, nails and threading for the women who came along. Glasgow Life, Royston Library and Glasgow Clubs also joined the event and provided information and signed people up for a library card and Glasgow Club’s gyms.

Women from all backgrounds and nationalities came to celebrate and after lunch the room was set up for family activities in the afternoon after the children were out of school. Kids from Royston’s nurseries, Royston Primary and St Roch’s Primary did arts and crafts, had their face painted and participated in a drawing contest for the chance to win a book prize or chocolate from Tunnock’s.

Thank you to everyone who came along and helped make this event a success!



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